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Mediation is a process by which you are in control of your future relationship with the other parent of your child/children by having direct input in the decision making process.  It allows the parties to come together in the best interest of the children or parties and create a schedule that is well-suited for everyone involved.

Mediation requires a good faith commitment from both parties to be open-minded and to have a willingness to reach a compromise.

Your mediation sessions are completely confidential and any information discussed during the sessions will not be shared with anyone including the court.

As a certified Mediator and experienced Attorney, I am available as a neutral facilitator to assist either parents or parties with solutions that will work for both of you.

Mediation allows for a win/win situation where the parties may resolve some or all of the issues before trial. Litigation is extremely expensive and the outcome is uncertain. Its adversial nature often results in emotional trauma to both parents and children that can last for years.

As a neutral facilitator, I can help you and the other parent identify common ground and choose the terms of your own agreement. If you have already reached an agreement, I will prepare a Memorandum of Understanding that reflects the same.   As your facilitator I provide the forum and guidance in assisting you and the other parent in the following agreements:

Custody/Visitation Agreement – Sets forth the type of custody and the specific visitation of the child/children which includes holiday and summer schedules.

Child Support Agreement – By reviewing the terms of the Uniform Child Support Guidelines and completing a Child Support Worksheet, the monthly child support will be determined.

Spousal Support Agreement – If applicable, determine an amount of interim, final periodic or contractual support that may be due.

Agreement for Visitation of Grandparents – Sets forth specific visitation with the grandchild/grandchildren. 

After successful mediation, I will draft an agreement each of you will take to your attorney for approval. Once an agreement is reached, a Memorandum of Understanding is prepared which is taken to one of the attorneys to prepare in judgment form for the judge’s signature.

Start now by learning what to expect during the mediation process by clicking here "Knowing the Mediation Process".

Continue by downloading the pertinent form(s) below. Before arriving for your first appointment, download the Pre-Mediation Information Form by clicking on the link below. Choose "Save" (save to your computer) when the Window dialog box opens. Once downloaded and saved, open, fill in the spaces provided, and save back to your computer. Then attach the completed file to an email back to me. As further information is needed, please follow the same process for the Mediation Information Form. Please do not hesitate in calling me at 318-422-2240 for assistance in completing these forms. (Forms are in universal MS Office Word 2003 format.)

Pre-Mediation Information Form Download

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Mediation Information Form Download

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