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As parents, you know more about your children than any two lawyers and any one judge can ever know.  You are better able to see which parenting agreement will be in the best interest of your children and be practical to implement, given your other responsibilities.

Marriage is a contract which the law can dissolve, but parenthood is an
ongoing relationship that does not end with divorce.  Your children need to be members of two households now, and the two of you need to design a plan for them which will allow them to continue their relationship with each of you.

In mediation, my objective is to help create a positive environment for healthy relationships for yourselves and your child(ren).  The continuation of your ability to communicate will allow you to develop a more stable and meaningful relationship with your child(ren).  Parents are able to follow through with an agreement that they have been involved in creating, and therefore, have ownership of it.  A new beginning agreed to by two people promotes harmony and positive ongoing relationships.    


Arbitration involves an impartial (third) person like me chosen by the parties to decide a dispute who agree in advance to abide by an arbitrator’s award issued after a hearing in which both parties have had an opportunity to be heard.

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